Laser Hair Removal

We are proud to provide patients with a Brand New laser for hair removal, the Lumenis Lightsheer Quattro. Lumenis has been the leader in cutting-edge aesthetics tech. The LightSheer brand uses diode lasers that are more effective (around 72% after 6 months) at long-term hair removal. LightSheer has also been approved by the FDA to treat razer burn, benign pigmented lesions and some varicose veins.

The Quattro takes this a step further. With two wavelengths, high-speed vacuum-assisted technology and ChillTip integrated contact cooling, you can customize treatments for each patient, including variables such as hair and skin type. It provides unprecedented pain reduction without needing gel, works more efficiently and covers larger areas more quickly.

Best aspect of the Quattro is that you can customize patient treatments according to each individual’s hair type, skin type (including tanned and dark skin) and lifestyle. Which means that more people now than ever could be an ideal candidate for laser hair removal!

The LightSheer QUATTRO diode laser empowered by two advanced technologies:
High Speed vacuum assisted technology and ChillTip™ integrated contact cooling technology.


High Speed Vacuum Assisted Technology


Laser Hair Removal Lumenis LightSheer Quattro Plantation

Laser energy delivered more efficiently


Lower fluence is required per pulse.

Decreased pain

Unique mechanism reduces pain during treatment.

Treatment time

Rapid coverage rate without gel or anesthesia.

ChillTip Integrated Contact cooling Technology



Compression of the skin reduces competing chromophores


Lumenis LightSheer Quattro

Epidermal protection through continuous sapphire contact cooling.

Patient comfort

Continuously cooling significantly increases comfort

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